Ok, let’s try this again.  After a false start a few months ago I now have all of my titles available on Kindle Unlimited!!!

Click here to visit my Amazon Author page


So after receiving a ton of emails from you guys I have heard the message and will be doing a 90 day trial in the Kindle Unlimited program and we’ll see how it goes.

What this means for all of you is that if you are in the Kindle Unlimited program, all of my books can now be read for free.  Click on the link above, download as many titles as you want, and find a nice quiet place to indulge your steamy pleasures!

If you are not part of Kindle Unlimited you can still purchase all of my titles through Amazon which can be read on a kindle or on any tablet or phone via the Kindle App.  So if you have any electronic device you should still be able to read any of my books.

I will take a look again in 90 days to see which method better serves you guys and may send out a poll you can respond to.  In the meantime, go download a series you wanted to try…

Or try out a bundle…

Or get started on the newest series…

Desires Part One

As always, thank you so much for reading my books as well as those of my fellow hard-working authors.  It is a labor of love and we are forever grateful for your interest, encouragement, and infectious excitement!

XOXO – Mindy


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