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From Author Mindy Wilde – The third book in the Billionaire Submission series

As you would imagine this title contains a lot of steamy sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers and is intended for adults only.  Ok, you’ve been warned so let’s bring on the heat!!!

Merger (Billionaire Submission Part 3) is the third story of the Billionaire Submission series. This short erotic story is 7200 words in length.

In this final installment Mindy is sent on a globe-trotting mission to the seven wonders of the world. With her new teachers along for the journey she will learn to how to reach seven new levels of ecstasy.

Billionaire Submission Series includes:

Training (Billionaire Submission Part 1)
Promotion (Billionaire Submission Part 2)
Merger (Billionaire Submission Part 3)
Omnibus (Billionaire Submission Trilogy)

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