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4 thoughts on “All Stories

    1. Thank you for the question. The easiest way to do it right now is to download The Erotica Collection which has 4 or the series as well as downloading the Sexy Summer Omnibus, Winter Wonderland, and Friends With Benefits. I will be releasing the second and third story in the Sin City Series shortly so there will be an omnibus you can purchase if you want to wait.

      Another option that will be available soon is a collection of combo packs that I am publishing. I am releasing double and triple omnibus packs of all the various series bundled together so you can pick the combination of stories that interest you.

      If you have any other questions please just let me know and thank you so much for your interest. – Mindy

    1. Verlynn, thanks for the question. First let me say that I am sorry, I know that I owe you guys the rest of the story. Unfortunately life got in the way and then I ended up committed to other projects so I never got around to finishing that particular story. I will try to finish it as soon as I am able so I don’t leave you hanging. Thank you so much for reading my books and for reaching out. I hope you have an outstanding rest of the week!

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