Desires Part Two


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A girl in college who has just lost everything
A weathy man who has everything, except the one thing he wants most.
An arrangement to fulfill both of their desires!

Desires Part Two is the third installment in a new steamy alpha billionaire romance series.  Bonus stories The Bet (Billionaire’s Bed Vol. 1) and Desire (The Billionaire Affair Vol. 1) have also been included. (bonus content not yet available on audiobook)

***Obviously this title contains explicit sexual content and is meant for adventurous ADULT EYES ONLY!***

3 thoughts on “Desires Part Two

    1. Jessica, thank you SO MUCH for the kind words. I am very sorry for the delay. I had a medical situation develop in my family that took me away from writing for awhile. I have just recently been able to start writing again and promise that I will try to finish the third installment as soon as possible. Thank you again for the feedback.

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