My Alpha (12 Book Bundle)

Handsome bearded shirtless young man standing against black wall

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My Alpha is a 12 book bundle taken from 4 different series. In each of these stories our “Alpha Male” takes the main character on an exploration of unknown pleasures. All stories are steamy, complete, and HEA.

***Obviously this title contains explicit sexual content and is meant for adventurous ADULT EYES ONLY!***

Books included in this bundle:

  • Desires Part One
  • Desires Part Two
  • Desires Part Three
  • Crave Part One
  • Crave Part Two
  • Crave Part Three
  • Billionaire Submission Part One
  • Billionaire Submission Part Two
  • Billionaire Submission Part Three
  • Billionaire’s Bed Volume 1
  • Billionaire’s Bed Volume 2
  • Billionaire’s Bed Volume 3

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