Mile High Fantasy (Sin City Secrets Vol. 3)

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Kelly and her husband Rob fly to Las Vegas for a vacation with their good friends. After the first night ended up with the two couples swapping spouses and the second night found all four of them in bed together it seemed like anything can happen in Vegas.
In volume three the couples explore new boundaries as they take their friendship to a whole new level 6 miles above the earth.


Mile High Fantasy (Sin City Secrets Vol. 3) is the third story of the Sin City Secrets series. This sexy short story is approximately 3300 words in length.  Bonus stories Desire (The Billionaire Affair Vol. 1)and The Letter A (The Erotic Alphabet Vol. 1) have also been included. (bonus content not yet available on audiobook)

***Obviously this title contains explicit sexual content and is meant for adventurous ADULT EYES ONLY!***

Titles in this series:

  • Friends With Benefits (Sin City Secrets Part One)
  • Four Of A Kind (Sin City Secrets Part Two)
  • Mile High Fantasy (Sin City Secrets Part Three)
  • Omnibus (Sin City Secrets Parts 1-3)

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