Private Island (Sexy Summer Vol. 1)


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Rob whisks Jessica away for a surprise weekend on a private island in the Bahamas. After getting riled up on the plane ride she has only one thing on her mind as she tries to find some relief in her new Carribean paradise.

Private Island (Sexy Summer Vol. 1) is the first story of the Sexy Summer Series. This sexy story is 4200 words in length.  Bonus stories Crave Part One and Friends With Benefits (Sin City Secrets Vol. 1) have also been included. (bonus content not yet available on audiobook)


***Obviously this title contains explicit sexual content and is meant for adventurous ADULT EYES ONLY!***

Titles in this series include

  • Private Island (Sexy Summer Vol. 1)
  • Beach House (Sexy Summer Vol. 2)
  • The Cruise (Sexy Summer Vol. 3)
  • Omnibus (Sexy Summer Trilogy)

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