I’m on Instafreebie!

For those that like to use the site Instafreebie or that just enjoy free books, I have put up 15 free titles for you can download.  In addition, I am taking part in several group author giveaways over the next couple of months.  One of them just started today and includes 45 different STEAMY titles.  Below is the link to my Instafreebie page as well as a link to the group giveaway.

Group Giveaway

My Instafreebie Author Page

3 thoughts on “I’m on Instafreebie!

  1. As a huge supporter of Instafreebie.com, I naturally love the opportunity to grab and be part of any Giveaway Instafreebie is included in.
    Mindy Wilde write’s book’s in the genre Erotica, of which she does exceptionally, with an easy and natural flair.
    Her book’s are adventurous and erotic, your going to be amazed at the quality and style of her work.

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