Adam’s Request (Good Girls Gone Bad Vol. 2)


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Lucy has been a very bad girl!

After her night with the mysterious billionaire Lucy finds herself given an unusual proposal. A proposal that will require her to test her own limits and boundaries. A proposal that in the end could end up making her a millionaire.

Does she have it in her? Is she willing to cross that line? But most importantly what the heck is this mysterious second option???

Good Girls Gone Bad is a steamy romance series with a HEA. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. A bonus story The Bet (Billionaire’s Bed Volume 1) has also been included.

Stories in this series include:

  • Room Service (Good Girls Gone Bad Volume 1)
  • Adam’s Request (Good Girls Gone Bad Volume 2)
  • Jessica’s Story (Good Girls Gone Bad Volume 3)

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